How to convert MXF files to MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI/FLV etc on Mac?

MXF is a "container" or "wrapper" format which supports a number of different streams of coded "essence", encoded with any of a variety of codecs, together with a metadata wrapper which describes the material contained within the MXF file.

Mac users sometime have some MXF files which from the camcorder want to edit and play them on Mac, but at these time, they don't know how to use these MXF files on Mac. In order to use these files, you must convert MXF files on Mac. Before converting MXF files on Mac, let's learn something about MXF files.

But MXF file format is not compatible with many program, so you must convert MXF files on Mac, but how to do this. Mac MXF Converter is a professinal and best MXF Converter for Mac users to convert MXF files on Mac.

With this Mac MXF Converter, you can convert MXF files from the Panasonic HVX200/HPX300 MXF files, P2 MXF files and so on. Also, you can use it to convert MXF to other video formats like WMV, MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV etc. After converting, you can enjoy video on iPad, iPod, iPhone 4, iTunes, PSP, Apple TV, etc.

So Mac MXF Converter is your best chioce to convert MXF files, and you can do some interesting things to make your video more funny, you can't miss it.

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